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2019-2020 General Catalog 

Music - Piano Performance Emphasis (B.M.)

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Program Information

  • Ensembles: All majors must be a member of one of the following ensembles in their applied emphasis each semester: MUSC 3320 , MUSC 3350 , MUSC 3360 , or MUSC 3380 . The total minimum number of major ensemble credits required for a Bachelor of Music is eight (8).
  • Music Theory: Students must be enrolled concurrently in Music Theory and Aural Skills classes.
  • Piano Proficiency: Students must pass a piano proficiency exam before enrolling in MUSC 2110 - Music Theory III  and MUSC 2130 - Aural Skills III . MUSC 1150  and MUSC 1160  may be taken to assist in preparation for the exam.
  • In order to move to upper-level applied study (MUSC 3410 ), students must pass the Music Gateway.
  • Junior/Senior Recitals: The B.M. degree requires a junior year half-recital and a senior year full recital. Students must enroll in applied music each semester until the recital requirement is met.
  • To fulfill all graduation requirements, all zero (0) credit courses must appear on the transcript.
  • Each major or minor in music is required to abide by the policies and procedures set up in the Departmental Student Handbook (see www.suu.edu/pva/music/handbook.html).
  • All courses must be passed with a “C” (2.0) or better to be counted in the major, except for Applied Music courses which require a “B” (3.0) or higher.
  • An audition is required to be admitted into the music major. The Department of Music follows National Association of Schools of Music standards.

General Education Requirement (30-37 Credits)

See General Education  for course options.

  • Core Course Requirements (12-15 Credits)
  • Knowledge Area Requirements (18-22 Credits)

Music - Piano Performance Curriculum Summary (88 Credits)

Music Core Requirements (43 Credits)

Small Ensemble Requirement (4 Credits)

Select 4 credits from the following:

Major Ensemble Requirement (8 Credits)

Select 8 credits from the following:

Music Electives (16 Credits)

  • Select 16-17 credits of MUSC electives

Foreign Language Requirement (4 Credits)

Select 4 credits from one of the following languages: French or German. One semester (4 credits) of French or German may also be used to fulfill the General Education Humanities Knowledge Area.

Free Electives (0-5 Credits)

Total elective credit is determined by General Education courses taken, degree type selected, additional credits earned, and any additional math or other prerequisite courses needed. For a bachelor’s degree, students must earn a minimum of 40 upper-division credits (courses numbered 3000-4999). Students may need to select additional upper-division courses not included in their major requirements in order to reach this minimum. Please consult your Student Success Advisor for details.

Total Credits, B.M. Degree: 120-125

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