Apr 22, 2024  
2022-2023 General Catalog 

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THEA 4900 - Methods in Theatre Arts Education

2 Credit(s)

Methods in theatre education discuss issues related to the teaching of theatre in the public school system. Students will learn how to prepare and execute a lesson plan of study, develop benchmarks and grading criteria, develop course goals and objectives, and the execution of a variety of teaching methods in the classroom. Students will also discuss how to manage behavioral problems, time, and the planning and organization of mounting a production. (Fall - Even Years) [Graded (Standard Letter)]

Co-requisite(s): THEA 4905  

Prerequisite(s): THEA 3900  and THEA 3950   - Prerequisite Min. Grade: C+
Registration Restriction(s): Theatre Arts and Theatre Arts Education majors only; Junior or Senior standing required

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