Jun 24, 2024  
2022-2023 General Catalog 

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THEA 3723 - Theatre History: Realism, Post-Realistic, and Contemporary Theatre

3 Credit(s)

Course will cover the period from 18th Century through American and European Contemporary. Course modules are 18th Century England, France, and Italy; early 19th century Germany; 19th century Romanticism; Sturm and Drang; Melodrama; and late 19th century theatre–Realism vs. Spectacle. The course will also cover early 20th century theatre–reactions against Realism, mid-20th century theatre–the rise of American drama and musical theatre and late 20th century theatre: the rise of Hispanic, Asian, African-American and women’s theatre. (Spring) [Graded (Standard Letter)]

Prerequisite(s): ENGL 2010  and THEA 1713   - Prerequisite Min. Grade: C
Registration Restriction(s): None

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