Apr 21, 2021  
2018-2019 General Catalog 

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PILT 2276 - Instrument Commercial RW Lab B2

3 Credit(s)

This course will develop requisite aeronautical skill, knowledge, and proficiency to the standards necessary to take the FAA Instrument Practical Exam and the FAA Commercial Pilot Practical exam in helicopters, as well as enhancing skills in vertical reference and confined areas of operation. This course is the second in a two-part series of flight labs which when combined lead to the qualifications necessary of the Commercial pilot certificate with an Instrument rating in helicopters. This course is intended to complete the aeronautical experience required and foster the proficiency necessary to qualify the student for a Commercial pilot certificate with an Instrument rating. In addition to further refining skill areas addressed in PILT 2216 , students will receive additional training in advanced Instrument and Commercial maneuvers in the R44; and external load, and high-density altitude, mountain operations in a Bell 206. There is a lab fee. (Fall, Spring, Summer) [Graded]

Prerequisite(s): (PILT 2100  and PILT 2216 ) or instructor permission or department permission - Prerequisite Min. Grade: C
Prerequisite Can Be Concurrent? Yes (PILT 2100)

Registration Restriction(s): None

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