Apr 17, 2021  
2018-2019 General Catalog 

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PE 6933 - Thesis: Sport Conditioning and Performance

1 Credit(s) 4 Maximum Credit(s)

Student develops and defends a Master of Sports Conditioning and Performance Thesis. MSSCP candidates will be given the option to enroll in three (3) or four (4) credits the initial semester. If enrolled in three (3) credits hours the initial semester, the MSSCP candidates must be continuously enrolled in at least one (1) credit hour of PE 6933 until their thesis is completed. If enrolled in four (4) credit hours the initial semester, MSSCP candidates will be allowed the subsequent semester to finish the thesis without having to enroll in an additional (1) credit hour. (As Needed) [Thesis/Final Capstone Pass/Fail]

Prerequisite(s): PE 6080   - Prerequisite Min. Grade: C-
Repeatable? Yes - Total Credits: 8

Registration Restriction(s): None

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