Dec 15, 2019  
2018-2019 General Catalog 

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COMM 6160 - Communication and Digital Culture

3 Credit(s)

Communication and Digital Culture interrogates the so-called “digital age” by paying analytical attention to the intersection of technology, culture, economics, and politics. We will trace both the social and technological history that has led to the current moment, from the beginning of the idea of ‘the digital’ to contemporary cultural practices surrounding social media. We will seek to define “digital” and “culture” individually and in combination. Our time will be spent critiquing various cultural texts, audiences, institutions, and technical systems as well as learning how to engage in the production of digital texts as practitioners. Course readings draw from a broad range of literature situated within media studies, philosophy of technology, visual communication, and critical-cultural studies. (Spring - Odd Years) [Graded]

Registration Restriction(s): Master’s degree-seeking students only

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