Jun 19, 2024  
2022-2023 General Catalog 

Program Learning Outcomes: Educational Foundations and Policy

Based on principles from the Standards for Academic and Professional Instruction in Foundations of Education, Educational Studies, and Educational Policy Studies, the student learning outcomes include: 

  1. understand and apply disciplinary knowledge from the humanities and social sciences to interpret the meaning of education and schooling in diverse cultural contexts; 
  2. understand and apply normative perspectives on education and schooling; 
  3. understand and apply critical perspectives on education and schooling; 
  4. understand how moral principles related to democratic institutions can inform and direct schooling practice, leadership, and governance; 
  5. understand the full significance of diversity in a democratic society and how that bears on instruction, school leadership, and governance; 
  6. understand how philosophical and moral commitments affect the process of evaluation at all levels of schooling practice, leadership, and governance; 
  7. critically analyze current educational policies and practices at national, state, and local levels and their impacts on teaching, learning, and the assessment of P-16 students.