Jun 18, 2024  
2022-2023 General Catalog 

Program Learning Outcomes: Health Education

  • Will be able to demonstrate an understanding of common and specialized health related content, and scientific and theoretical foundations for the delivery.
  • Will be able to demonstrate skillful performance in physical education content areas and health-enhancing levels of fitness.
  • Will be able to apply content and foundational knowledge to plan and implement developmentally appropriate learning experiences.
  • Will be able to engage students in meaningful learning experiences through effective use of pedagogical skills. Effective use of communication, feedback, technology, and instructional and managerial skills to enhance student learning.
  • Will be able to select and implement appropriate assessments to monitor students’ progress and guide decision making related to instruction and learning.
  • Will be able to demonstrate behaviors essential to becoming effective professionals. Exhibition of professional ethics and culturally competent practices; seeking opportunities for continued professional development; and demonstrating knowledge of promotion/advocacy strategies for health education and overall wellness.