Jun 14, 2024  
2022-2023 General Catalog 

Program Learning Outcomes: Biology/Biology Education

  • All students will demonstrate an understanding of the following core concepts:
  1. evolution
  2. structure and function
  3. information flow, exchange, and storage
  4. pathways and transformations of energy and matter
  5. systems
  • Students will demonstrate understanding and ability to apply methodologies of science:
  1. scientific methodology
  2. reading, understanding, and critiquing peer-reviewed literature
  3. integrate and apply concepts from different within and beyond the sciences
  • Students will demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively in a variety of oral and written formats.
  • Students will use appropriate tools to carry out investigations in their intended fields, including:
  1. demonstrating competency in use of appropriate field and/or laboratory equipment
  2. successful completion of an SUU-approved experiential learning activity
  3. acquiring sufficient knowledge and training to successfully enter graduate or professional school or the workforce.
  4. completion of an independent research project.
  5. use appropriate mathematical, modeling, and simulation tools to address scientific questions
  • Students will develop an understanding of the social responsibility that is incumbent on all who obtain a degree in biological sciences, including:
  1. engagement in public and political conversations to promote learning based on scientific principles and rational thought
  2. knowledge of ethics in research, communications and reporting
  3. understanding the importance of environmental stewardship