Aug 09, 2022  
2015-2016 General Catalog 

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies, B.A.

General Education Core

See General Education 

  • Core Course Requirements 16-17 credits
  • Knowledge Areas Requirements 16 credits

University Requirements

NOTE: As of 7/12/2019, students pursuing this bachelor’s degree are no longer required to complete the Experiential Education Requirement courses for graduation.

Experiential Education Requirement - EDGE Program (1-3 Credits)

Complete One Track:

Original Project Track (3 Credits)

Students create a project of their own design

Select Project Track (2 Credits)

Students select a project from the designated list


General Studies Students should consult an advisor to identify an appropriate plan to meet the Experiential Education/EDGE requirement.

General Studies Requirements

Courses Selected for the General Studies Major (54 credits)

  1. Courses used for the General Studies major must equal 54 credits and include SGCS 4010  and SGCS 4020 .
  2. Courses can be chosen from multiple disciplines but must constitute a coherent plan of study approved by an advisor in a discipline where a majority of credits reside; approval of the Academic Dean over that discipline is also required.
  3. An approved capstone experience. (SGCS 4020 )
  4. A minimum of 21 credits of upper-division course work is required in the major (40 total required for degree).
  5. Only classes with grades of “C-” or higher will be counted within the General Studies major.

General Electives (18-21 credits)

Total for Degree: 120 credits