Feb 07, 2023  
2014-2015 General Catalog 


Political Science & Criminal Justice
GC 406 (435) 586-5429

Undergraduate Legal Studies
Christine Taylor, GC 406
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The student’s undergraduate GPA and his/her score on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) are the primary factors on which law school admission decisions are based. The importance of these factors cannot be overestimated.

There is no established major for pre-law students. It is suggested that the pre-law student choose a major which interests him/her and supplement this curriculum with as many courses from other areas as possible. In addition to this, the pre-law student should read widely in areas outside the major. Developing the ability to teach oneself will be essential throughout one’s career.

Curriculum guidance is readily available and students considering entering the legal profession are urged to consult with a pre-legal advisor early in their undergraduate career.


Good grades are essential to those interested in being accepted at a well-regarded school. However, it should be clear that one does not benefit from being so grade conscious that the major criterion for course selection becomes the likelihood of receiving an “A.” Challenging, thought-provoking courses are the best way to prepare for the LSAT, for success in law school, and as a member of the legal profession.


The LSAT is the second major factor considered by law schools in determining admissibility. The test measures abilities and skills related to problem identification, analysis, logical reasoning, and reading. The LSAT includes a written essay, copies of which will be sent to individual law schools to enable them to evaluate a candidate’s writing ability.