May 29, 2024  
2014-2015 General Catalog 

Computer Science Composite, B.S.

Recommended for students who seek careers in computer science or who wish to pursue graduate education. This is a SUU composite degree (a minor is not required).

General Education Core (33 Credits)

See General Education 


* If you are not prepared for this math course you may need additional math courses. Please see your Advisor.

University Requirements (3 credits)

NOTE: As of 7/12/2019, students pursuing this bachelor’s degree are no longer required to complete the Experiential Education Requirement courses for graduation.

Experiential Education Requirement - EDGE (1-3 Credits)

Complete One Track:

Original Project Track (1-3 Credits)

Student create a project of their own design 

Select Project Track (2 Credits)

Students select a project from the designated list 

Total Credits, B.S. degree: 121-124


Credits older than 10 years must be approved by the CSIS Department Chair before being allowed to count towards the major due to the rapid change in the industry.