Dec 11, 2023  
2012-2013 General Catalog 

Spanish Teaching, B.A.

Requirements for Teacher Candidates

To qualify for the teaching certificate, students must complete the sequence of professional education courses listed by the department of teacher education. (See Professional Education Requirements for Secondary Licensure at the end of this departmental section.) Students may be recommended for the Utah Basic Professional license in the secondary schools by earning the bachelor’s degree and satisfactorily completing the major-minor program. Those working toward the major may also select an appropriate minor.

Spanish Degree Requirements

The first four semesters of Spanish or equivalent studies as approved by the department are prerequisite for all students majoring or minoring in language with an emphasis in Spanish. Students with previous language experience, upon demonstration of advanced proficiency, may receive credit by examination for part or all of the following classes: SPAN 1010 , SPAN 1020 , SPAN 2010 , SPAN 2020 .

Professional Education Requirements for Secondary Licensure

Please see the degree requirements for Secondary Education Licensure . Some classes required for the licensure cannot be taken until the teacher candidate has been admitted to the Teacher Education Department. Please consult your advisor or the Teacher Education Department for further instruction.

General Education Core

See General Education 

  • Core Course Requirements 16-17 credits
  • Knowledge Areas Requirements 16 credits

University Requirements

Spanish Core (18 Credits)

Spanish Electives (12 Credits)

12 additional credits which may include any course at or beyond the 3000 level. SPAN 3510  and SPAN 4610  (as long as they are different titles) may be taken for credit twice.

Other Electives

Free Electives as approved by the Advisor 39 credits


Students with extensive foreign residency experience in Spanish-speaking areas are advised not to enroll in SPAN 1010 , SPAN 1020 , SPAN 2010 SPAN 2020 . Such students may earn P/F credits for those courses through examination as indicated above.

No course in which a grade lower than a “C-” is received may be counted toward the credit hour requirement for any major or minor emphasis in the department. 

Any internship (SPAN 4893 ) and study abroad (SPAN 4920 ) credits count as an elective. Other than transfer credit, internship credit and study abroad credits should not exceed 3 credits per denomination. Total credit toward a Spanish Major with a SPAN 4893  and SPAN 4920  denomination must not exceed a maximum of 6 credits. 

Independent study courses will be marked differently in the transcript and are reserved for situations of extreme necessity. Trying to get a major in a period of a year and a half or less does not fit such description, and it should be avoided through careful planning. Under no circumstances will more than two independent studies be allowed towards a major.