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2012-2013 General Catalog 

Public Administration Certificate

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Advising and Admission

Professor Randy Allen, Director (GC 406)

The department is authorized to grant an Undergraduate Certificate in Public Administration (UCPA). Students should consult a faculty member in the Public Administration area for advisement.

The undergraduate certificate is an interdisciplinary approach in several related areas that is designed to assist students to be considered for entry-level administrative positions in government.

Admission requirements include graduation from an accredited high school with at least a 2.89 GPA or completion of 20 credit hours of college or university work with a GPA of at least 2.5; regular enrollment as an undergraduate student; and a letter of intent from the prospective student.

When admitted, the student meets with the program director to develop a program outline. The program director advises students throughout their programs.


The student must complete the program’s course requirements and the bachelor’s degree. Total program units required vary between 27 and 30 credits, depending on courses taken. The student is expected to maintain a GPA of a least 2.5 throughout the program and receive no less than a grade of C- in any course. Many program courses also fill major and/or minor requirements. The Public Administration Undergraduate Certificate Program consists of two parts – Required Courses and Functional Specialization – as shown below.

Required Courses:

Communications Competency:

Public Administration:

Practical Experience:

Choose one:


The internship may be satisfied by a student’s previous or current work experience, provided that it is approved by the director. The work experience or the internship must include at least 135 hours completed in a supervised administrative, para-administrative, or technical capacity.

Functional Specialization


The student must complete at least two courses from at least one of the functional specialties listed below. Classes may be substituted within a specialty class with the approval of the program director.

Environmental Administration:

Governmental Accounting:

Organizational Analysis:

Students Interested in Attending Law School

Although Southern Utah University does not have a formal Pre-Law program, we have an excellent track record of placing students in some of the finest law schools in the United States. For questions or advisement, feel free to contact The Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice during your undergraduate education.

Typically, students entering law school are Political Science majors. However, Criminal Justice majors also do well in law careers.

Notable law schools consider the student’s overall GPA in addition to each student’s LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) score when considering granting admission. Good grades throughout one’s undergraduate career are essential.

For further information, please contact any of the department professors.

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