Dec 09, 2022  
2012-2013 General Catalog 

Physical Science Composite - Teacher Education Emphasis, B.A.

General Education Core

See General Education 

  • Core Course Requirements 17 credits (must take MATH 1210 **)
  • Knowledge Areas Requirements 16 credits (must take CHEM 1210  and CHEM 1215 )

University Requirements

Degree Requirements

BA Degree - Foreign Language Requirement (16 credits or proficiency test)

Physical Science Composite - Teacher Education Emphasis Curriculum Summary

Secondary Education Licensure (37-40 Credits)

Please see the degree requirements for Secondary Education Licensure . Some classes required for the licensure cannot be taken until the teacher candidate has been admitted to the Teacher Education Department. Please consult your advisor or the Teacher Education Department for further instruction.

Total Credits, B.A. degree: 156-157


  1. This is a composite degree, a minor is not required.
  2. Courses in computer science are strongly recommended additional electives
  3. Secondary Teaching Certification requires specific professional education courses, (see below) consult the department of teacher education for additional advisement.
  4. This degree does not include the requisite number of upper division hours. Students completing this degree will fill the upper division requirements while completing course work for the Secondary Teaching Certificate.
  5. Bachelor of Arts degree must meet language requirements as outlined in “Degree Requirements”  in Obtaining a Degree at SUU (Original Page, prior to separations) .
  6. Credits greater than 10 years old will not be accepted for this degree.
  7. A minimum grade of “C” (2.0 or above) must be earned in each course before it can be counted in a physical science major or minor or as a prerequisite for any other course.

* Courses are taught every other year. Consult your advisor.

** If you are not prepared for this math course, please see your advisor for alternate recommendations.