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2012-2013 General Catalog 

Music - Piano Emphasis, B.M.

Degree Requirements

An audition is required to be admitted into the music major. The music department follows National Association of Schools of Music Requirements.

General Education Core (36-37 Credits)

See General Education 

  • Core Course Requirements 16-17 credits
  • Knowledge Areas Requirements 16 credits (Must take MUSC 1010 )

University Requirements

Music Core Requirements (43 Credits)

Other Requirements

  1. Music Theory: Students must be enrolled concurrently in Music Theory and Aural Skills classes.
  2. Piano Proficiency: Students must pass a piano proficiency exam. MUSC 1150  & MUSC 1160  may be taken to assist in preparation for the exam.
  3. Junior/Senior Recitals: the B.M. Degree requires a junior year half recital and a senior year full recital. Students must enroll in applied music each semester until the recital requirement is met.
  4. In order to move to upper level study (3410) the student must pass the Sophomore Gateway.
  5. All music majors must take Introduction to Music (MUSC 1010 ) as a prerequisite for MUSC 3500  and MUSC 3510 . MUSC 1010  may be used to fulfill the Fine Arts GE Requirement.
  6. To fulfill all graduation requirements, all zero credit courses must appear on the transcript.
  7. Each major or minor in music is required to abide by the policies and procedures set up in the Departmental Student Handbook. http://www.suu/pva/music/handbook.html.
  8. Foreign Language Requirement: four semesters of a foreign language are required for the BM degree in voice; two semesters of a foreign language are required for the BM degree in Instrumental music; one semester is required for the BM degree in piano performance. The foreign language requirement may be distributed among French and/or German.


Small Ensemble Requirement- chosen from the following (4 credits)

Major Ensemble Requirement – chosen from the following (8 Credits)

Foreign Language Requirement (4 Credits)

One semester of French or German (must be different from the course that fulfills the Knowledge Areas Requirement.) 4 Credit hours of the foreign language may fulfill the university humanities GE requirement.

Music Electives (13-14 Credits)

Total Credits B.M. Piano Emphasis: 120