Dec 09, 2022  
2012-2013 General Catalog 

German, B.A.

German Degree Requirements

The first four semesters of German or equivalent studies as approved by the department are prerequisite for all students majoring or minoring in language with an emphasis in German. Students with previous language experience, upon demonstration of advanced proficiency, may receive credit by examination for part or all of the following classes: GERM 1010 , GERM 1020 , GERM 2010 , GERM 2020 .

General Education Core

See General Education 

  • Core Course Requirements 16-17 credits
  • Knowledge Areas Requirements 16 credits

University Requirements

BA Degree – Foreign Language Requirement (16 credits or proficiency test)

All students before achieving advanced standing must satisfy these requirements. All German majors and minors have the following core courses which must be satisfied.


GERM 3210  and GERM 3510  May be repeated once for credit in a study abroad context. GERM 4640  may also be repeated once for credit.

Requirements for Teacher Candidates

Other Electives

  • Free Electives as approved by the Advisor 39 credits

Total Credits, B.A. degree: 120-122


No course for which a grade lower than “C-“ is received may be counted toward the credit hour requirement for any major or minor emphasis in the department. To qualify for the teaching license, students must complete the sequence of professional education courses listed by the department of teacher education. (See Professional Education Requirements for Secondary Licensure at the end of this section.) Students planning to license in German must enroll in GERM 4900 . Students may be recommended for the Utah Basic Professional Licensure within secondary education by earning the bachelor’s degree and satisfactorily completing the major/minor program. Those working toward the major may also select an appropriate minor.

Professional Education Requirements for Secondary Licensure

Please see the degree requirements for Secondary Education Licensure . Some classes required for the licensure cannot be taken until the teacher candidate has been admitted to the Teacher Education Department. Please consult your advisor or the Teacher Education Department for further instruction.