Sep 28, 2023  
2012-2013 General Catalog 

Engineering Technology Composite - CAD/GIS Emphasis, B.A.

General Education Core

The requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree are not built into the Engineering Technology – CAD/GIS Emphasis requirements. Because of this, students electing to pursue a Bachelors of Arts degree can expect to earn additional credits.

See General Education 

  • Core Course Requirements 17 credits
  • Knowledge Areas Requirements (must take COMM 1010  for Humanities Knowledge Area Requirement) 16 credits

University Requirements

Degree Requirements

BA Degree - Foreign Language Requirement (16 credits or proficiency test)

CAD/GIS Emphasis Engineering Technology Composite Curriculum Summary

One of the following (3 Credits):

Choose 3 credits from the following:

  • GEOG 4893 - GIS Internship 3 credits
  • GEOG 3993 - Undergraduate Research in Geography/GIS 3 credits
  • TECH 4893 - Technology Internship 3 credits

Other Electives (23 Credits)

  • Free Electives (includes completing B.A. or B.S. requirement) 23 credits

Total Credits, B.A. degree: 129