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2012-2013 General Catalog 

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, B.I.S.

Two options exist for the 44 to 67 credit hours required in the composite major:

  1. The student must take at least 17 credit hours in each of two different disciplines at SUU, (the total of the two disciplines equaling 44 or more credits).
  2. The students must take at least, respectively, 17, 10, and 7 credit hours from at least three different disciplines at SUU (the total of the three disciplines equaling 44 or more credit hours).

General Education Core

See General Education 

  • Core Course Requirements 16-17 credits
  • Knowledge Areas Requirements 16 credits

University Requirements

Major Requirements

  • 51 total credits
    • 9 credits from BIS Core
    • 42 additional credits from one of two tracks (described below)
    • Minimum 30 upper division credits (6 from the BIS core and 24 from the chosen disciplines)
    • Program of study approved by BIS Program Coordinator
    • Formal admission to the program required

BIS Core (Foundation core) 9 Credits

Track 1 – Integrated Studies

  • Students integrate two distinct disciplines equally
  • 21 credits in each discipline
  • Minimum of 12 upper division credits per discipline

Track 2 – Thematic Studies

  • With consultation from faculty, students chooses courses from multiple disciplines that effectively inform the topic of their BIS program of study
  • 42 credits approved by Program Coordinator

Electives (33-34 credits)

  • To graduate, students will need an additional 33-34 credits. Please consult with an academic advisor to determine how these credits can best be completed to compliment the student’s area of interest.

Total Credits, B.I.S. degree: 120

Additional Information

One BIS option in the Department of Agriculture and Nutrition Science has received formal approval. (See Agricultural Science and Industry, B.I.S. )

Other degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies may be generated in other disciplines. Contact appropriate Dean for information.