Dec 01, 2022  
2012-2013 General Catalog 

Agriculture: Livestock Farm Management, A.A.S.

General Education Core

See General Education Core 

Complete a minimum of 20-21 credit hours in general education as follows: A minimum of one course in each of the core categories. Three courses representing three of six remaining general education categories. Students should check the department AAS  requirements to determine if specific general education classes are recommended (ENGL 1010  will satisfy the requirement for an AAS degree). 20-21 credits

Production/Management Courses (10 Credits)

Courses are to be selected from those listed below. Students must select at least one production and one management course. Students should consult with their faculty advisor. Under special circumstances and with faculty advisor consent, students may fulfill the balance of the production/management requirement by submitting an AGSC prefix course not listed below:

Total Credits (minimum): 67