Dec 11, 2023  
2012-2013 General Catalog 

Certificate in International Business

Advising and Admission

The Certificate in International Business is designed to prepare students for future management roles in global business practices by gaining understanding in international environmental dimensions, developing management skills in foreign culture, and participating in experimental education through study abroad opportunities.

Students interested in obtaining experience in international business topics and study abroad opportunities will be encouraged to complete requirements to obtain the Certificate in International Business. A student must be in “good standing” according to Southern Utah University School of Business policy to begin coursework toward a Certificate in International Business.  A certificate will be awarded to the student at graduation when an undergraduate major or minor Degree in Business has been earned.


A student eligible to graduate with an undergraduate major or minor degree in business can obtain a Certificate in International Business.

The certificate combines two international business courses with a foreign language and an area of thematic studies course.  Four courses and a study abroad experience are required. A total of 15 credit hours are required for completion.

Required Courses (15 credits)

Two courses in International Business (6 credits)

One course in a Foreign Language (3 Credits)

May be submitted with intensive modern language course taken abroad. See Course Descriptions  for additional listings.

Study Abroad Experience of at least 2 weeks (3 credits)

The international experience requirement allows students to gain practical international business experience.  Students can fulfill the requirement by participating in a study abroad program or an international internship.  Study abroad experiences must be approved through a School of Business advisor.