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2023-2024 General Catalog [Current] 
2023-2024 General Catalog [Current]

Information Technology (A.A.S.)

Program Summary

This associate degree is recommended for students with an interest in information technology. This is an SUU 2-year Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Program Information

  • All courses must be passed with a “C” (2.0) or better to be counted in the major.
  • Credits older than 10 years must be approved by the CSCY Department Chair before being allowed to count towards the major due to the rapid change in the industry.
  • If a student does not possess computer application skills, the following course is suggested but does not pertain to the degree: CSCY 1000 - Introduction to Computer Applications and the Internet .
  • Students who complete the A.A.S. in Information Technology requirements have also completed the first two years of requirements for the Cybersecurity (B.S.) . Please see that program’s catalog entry for more details.

Associate of Applied Science General Education Requirement (15-18 Credits)

For an Associate of Applied Science degree, 15-18 credit hours are required in the following areas:

  • One course in the English core (ENGL 1010 , ENGL 1010E , or ENGL 2010 )
  • One course in the Quantitative Literacy (Mathematics) core
  • One course in American Institutions
  • One course from either the Humanities or Social and Behavioral Sciences Knowledge area (minimum of 3 credits)
  • One course from one of the remaining five Knowledge Areas (minimum of 3 credits)

Information Technology Curriculum (54-55 Credits)

CSCY Common Core (15 Credits)

Information Technology Core Curriculum (36 Credits)

Select One of the Following

Mathematics Requirement (3-4 Credits)

Select one of the following:


* Students who are not prepared for this math course may need additional math credits/preparation. Please consult your Student Success Advisor for more information.

Free Electives (0-1 Credits)

Total elective credit is determined by General Education courses taken, degree type selected, additional credits earned, and any additional math or other prerequisite courses needed. Please consult your Student Success Advisor for details.

Total Credits, A.A.S. Degree: 64-73