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2023-2024 General Catalog [Current] 
2023-2024 General Catalog [Current]

Spanish Teaching (B.A.)

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Program Summary

The Spanish Teaching B.A. provides students with an immersive and diverse curriculum that allows them to develop the language and cultural competency necessary to teach Spanish. Faculty use a communicative approach at all levels of instruction and students can expect to learn Spanish through meaningful context and active participation. Graduates not only develop proficiency in core language areas–reading, writing, speaking, and listening–but also strengthen their skills in the following areas: cultural competence and understanding, intercultural knowledge, critical and creative thinking, information literacy, inquiry and analysis, problem solving, and teamwork.

After completing the required coursework, students have the opportunity to customize their educational experience by choosing electives that fit their interests and objectives, such as literature, culture, history, film, global health, translation, advanced grammar, sociolinguistics, sports, women’s literature, and Latinx culture. In addition, Spanish Teaching majors study current methodology for teaching modern languages and as part of this coursework, they develop and practice lesson plans and activities, learn about different language instruction approaches and how to create effective learning environments, discuss assessment methods, and receive professional mentoring. Students receive regular feedback and guidance from the faculty, who continually provides supervision and support during the student-teaching experience.

Program Information

  • All courses must be passed with a “C-” (1.7) or better to be counted in the major.
  • The first four (4) semesters of Spanish or equivalent studies as approved by the department are required for all students majoring or minoring in language with an emphasis in Spanish. Students with previous language experience, upon demonstration of advanced proficiency, may receive credit by examination for part or all of the following classes: SPAN 1010 , SPAN 1020  or SPAN 1030 , SPAN 2010 , and SPAN 2020 .
  • Students with extensive foreign residency experience in Spanish-speaking areas are advised not to enroll in SPAN 1010 , SPAN 1020  or SPAN 1030 , SPAN 2010 , and SPAN 2020 . Such students may earn P/F credits for those courses through examination as indicated above.
  • Students may only count one (1) course in which English is the language of instruction toward the Spanish B.A. (e.g., LANG 3250 , SPAN 3030 ).
  • The Spanish program will accept no more than nine (9) credits of upper-division Spanish taken at another institution or on study abroad toward the major. Transfer credits not covered by articulation must be approved by the Chair of the Department of Languages and Philosophy .
  • Other than transfer credit, internship and study abroad credits should not exceed three (3) credits per denomination. SPAN 4980  should not exceed three (3) credits. Total credit toward a Spanish Major with a SPAN 4890 SPAN 4920 , and SPAN 4980  denomination must not exceed a maximum of six (6) credits. 
  • Independent study courses are reserved for situations of extreme necessity. Trying to get a major in a period of a year and a half or less does not fit such description, and it should be avoided through careful planning. Under no circumstances will more than two (2) independent studies be allowed towards a major.

Program Prerequisites

All students must satisfy these requirements before achieving advanced standing. All Spanish majors and minors have the following core courses which must be satisfied:

General Education Requirement (30-35 Credits)

See General Education  for course options.

  • Core Course Requirements (12-15 Credits)
  • Knowledge Area Requirements (16-20 Credits)

Please note: All students must complete a minimum of 30 credits between the Core and Knowledge Area requirements.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree Requirement (16 Credits**)

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree - Foreign Language requirement 16 Credits

** Note: One semester of a foreign language may also fulfill the General Education  Humanities requirement. The 16 credits may be fulfilled by taking four semesters of a foreign language or by testing out of a language and purchasing the credits. These credits are typically counted in the degree total at the bottom of the page. Consult your Student Success Advisor for details. 

Spanish Teaching Curriculum (38 Credits)

Spanish Electives (18 Credits)

Select 18 credits from the following:


* SPAN 4610 - Special Topics in Hispanic Studies  may be taken for credit more than once under different titles/topics.

** These courses are part of the State of Utah Spanish Bridge Program and are taught only in high schools for high school students. It is not taught at SUU for university students.

Teaching License Courses (6 Credits)

The following are required for students seeking secondary education licensure:

Free Electives (39-47 Credits)

Total elective credit is determined by General Education courses taken, degree type selected, additional credits earned, and any additional math or other prerequisite courses needed. For a bachelor’s degree, students must earn a minimum of 40 upper-division credits (courses numbered 3000-4999). Students may need to select additional upper-division courses not included in their major requirements in order to reach this minimum. Please consult your Student Success Advisor for details.

Total Credits, B.A. Degree: 120

Professional Education Requirements for Secondary Licensure (36-37 Credits)*

To qualify for a teaching license, students must also complete the sequence of professional education courses listed by the Department of Teacher Education . Please see the degree requirements for Secondary Education Licensure . Some classes required for the licensure cannot be taken until the teacher candidate has been admitted to the College of Education and Human Development. Please consult your advisor or the Department of Teacher Education for further instruction.

* Students who complete their teaching methods course(s) and student teaching as part of their major requirements will earn fewer than 36 credits. Those course credits are counted only once in the degree total.

Total Credits, B.A. Degree with Licensure: 120


Licensure Notification

This program typically leads to licensure/certification and was designed to meet such qualifications for the state of Utah. Students who are or may be planning to pursue licensure/certification in any other U.S. state or territory may need to meet additional education requirements. This is not a reflection of SUU’s accreditation or quality, as each state and territory regulates their own education requirements for occupational licensure.

Students enrolled in a teacher preparation program may potentially be able to use a Utah educator license to obtain licensure through reciprocity. Additional information may be found through the Department of Teacher Education’s reciprocity table.

An overview of all of SUU’s programs that lead to licensure/certification and the programs’ current determination statuses may be found at

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