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2023-2024 General Catalog [Current] 
2023-2024 General Catalog [Current]

Secondary Education Licensure

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Program Information

Students interested in teaching in the secondary schools of Utah (grades 7-12) can complete coursework leading to a Secondary Professional Teaching License in the State of Utah.

Secondary students are required to complete a composite or an academic teaching major in one of the University’s academic colleges/schools. In addition, a minimum of 30 semester hours of professional education coursework must be completed in teacher education.

Secondary “Block” courses and student teaching will be offered in separate semesters. Students are expected to complete secondary education courses according to an approved sequence and will not be admitted to the Secondary Education Professional Block unless 95% of their academic major is completed.

Degrees/Majors Available

The following are Utah State Office of Education licensable majors available at SUU for secondary education candidates:

Agriculture   Mathematics  
Art  (also available K-12) Music  
Biology   Physical Education - Teaching Emphasis (B.S.)   
Business   Physical Science  
Chemistry   Special Education Mild/Moderate  (or minor )
Dance  (also available K-12) Social Sciences   
English   Spanish  
French   Theatre Arts  

Vital Components of the Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP)

The Secondary Education program at Southern Utah University is committed to preparing high-quality, professional educators and has initiated a Professional Teacher Education Program to assist the teacher candidate in achieving graduation, teacher licensure, and if the candidate desires, advanced professional certification. The information below outlines the Professional Teacher Education Program and identifies key benchmarks.

Secondary “Block” Program

The Secondary “Block” Program at Southern Utah University is a unique combination of methods classes and practicum experiences. Students need to be aware of the commitment and preparation required to be successful as a public school teacher. Due to the limited enrollment in the Secondary Block Program, it is necessary for students to make advance application for entry into the Block one semester prior to enrollment (sign-up dates are posted).

The “Block Program” consists of six (6) credit hours of methods instruction which includes SCED 3570 , SCED 3590 , and an extensive field-based experience in a middle or high school setting. 

Prior to application for and enrollment in Secondary Block courses, students must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program, required classes must be completed, background check completed and cleared, and 95% of approved secondary academic major must be completed.

Specific Student Teaching Requirements

Secondary Candidates

To be eligible to complete student teaching in a secondary school setting, a candidate:

  • Must have been officially admitted to the Teacher Education Program.
  • Must have completed 100% of the approved secondary academic major.
  • Must take the Secondary Block the semester immediately preceding student teaching.
  • Will not register for any other coursework during student teaching.
  • Will have completed all Secondary Teacher Education courses.

Secondary/Special Education Candidates

To be eligible to complete student teaching in a special education school setting, a candidate:

Notes on Graduation Requirements and Licensure

  • No “C-” or below grades will be accepted for licensure, including transfer courses.
  • Receiving a teaching license is contingent upon passing the required Performance Assessment Test and possible Praxis test(s) for your content area(s). (Praxis requirements are changing for students majoring/minoring in content areas. See advisor for current rules.)
  • Graduation requirements as listed in the Catalog apply to SUU only. It is possible that additional, unforeseen University and/or Utah State Teaching License requirement changes may add additional coursework, examinations, etc., to the program. In order to be recommended for a Utah State Teaching License, all such requirements must be met, even though they may not appear in the current version of the Catalog. We will do our best to keep all students informed. Students should be sure to consult their Student Success Advisor regularly.

Secondary Teaching Licensure Requirements

Secondary Education courses must be taken according to the approved sequence outlined below. Students are strongly encouraged to consult their Student Success Advisor before making coursework selections for secondary education and/or their accompanying major/minor.

Block Courses: Block Application Required (6 Credits)

Advanced Teacher Education Program Courses (12 Credits)

Registration for student teaching is contingent upon passing any required content area Praxis test(s). (Praxis requirements changed for students in content areas on January 1, 2020. See advisor for current rules.)

Total Credits: 36-37

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