Jun 17, 2021  
2020-2021 General Catalog [Current] 
2020-2021 General Catalog [Current]

Master of Interdisciplinary Studies (M.I.S.)

Program Summary

The Master of Interdisciplinary Studies (M.I.S.) provides an opportunity for students to build a graduate degree from three disciplines, resulting in a unique interdisciplinary experience. This 30-credit degree allows students to develop an individualized program of study, tailored to students’ personal passions and career objectives. Students will enjoy the flexibility of online and/or face-to-face courses, taught by highly qualified faculty.

To build the individualized 30-credit M.I.S. program of study, students complete a three-credit introductory course, a 3-credit capstone, two 9-credit learning blocks, and one 6-credit learning block from the following programs of study:

  • Arts Administration
  • Aviation*
  • Brain-Based Learning
  • Business Administration
  • Contemporary Animal Services Leadership*
  • Contemporary Animal Services Leadership - ELC Graduates
  • Corporate Online Training
  • Cybersecurity & Information Assurance
  • Education
  • Leadership Studies
  • General Studies
  • Music Technology
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Online Teaching
  • Professional Communication
  • Public Administration
  • School Library (endorsement available)*
  • Social Media & Public Relations
  • Special Education (no endorsement)
  • Systems Quality Leadership & Management
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (no endorsement)

* Students may complete a total of 18 credits within these learning blocks.

M.I.S. students will complete their program with a 3-credit capstone (INDS 6900 - MIS Capstone Project ), 3-credit internship (INDS 6890 - Interdisciplinary Internship ), or 3-credit thesis (INDS 6910 - MIS Capstone Thesis ), which provides students the opportunity to show they have achieved mastery of the course competencies in the academic areas and they are able to synthesize these competencies into a meaningful whole. If the capstone project cannot be completed within one semester, students must be continuously enrolled in INDS 6901 - MIS Capstone Continuation  until completion.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Learners will be able to effectively communicate and present ideas with clarity and persuasive force.
  • Learners will explore and apply various concepts of scholarly research.
  • Learners will develop and demonstrate scholarly writing skills corresponding to graduate level.

Program Information

  • All courses must be passed with a “B-” (2.7) or better to be counted in the program.
  • Students must earn a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 to graduate. Students who fail to maintain a 3.0 GPA average may be dismissed from the program.
  • Graduate courses cannot be repeated more than once.
  • Graduate students must complete their program within six (6) years of matriculation.
  • Students may transfer up to 12 graduate credits from a regionally accredited master’s program. See program advisor for details.

Master of Interdisciplinary Studies Curriculum Summary (30 Credits)

Required Core Course (3 Credits)

Capstone Course (3 Credits)

Select one of the following:

Learning Block Options (24 Credits)

Select 9 credits each from two learning blocks and 6 credits from a third learning block for a total of 24 credits.

Arts Administration

Students must first meet with the Arts Administration Program Director for permission to take this learning block.


Students may select either 9 credits (one learning block) or 18 credits (two learning blocks) from the following courses:

Business Administration

Students must first complete BA 6000 before they take any other business administration course.

Contemporary Animal Services Leadership (CASL)

Students are able to complete this learning block in place of two 9-credit learning blocks.

Contemporary Animal Services Leadership (CASL) - ELC Graduates

For Best Friends Animal Society Executive Leadership Certification (ELC) program graduates, select 9 credits from the following:

General Studies

This learning block is specifically designed for those transferring in an academic discipline that SUU’s MIS degree does not include. There is no curriculum attached to this course. It is solely for the purpose of course substitutions for transfer courses.

Leadership Studies

Students may not count one of the courses listed below for both the learning block and the Systems Quality Leadership & Management learning block. Contact the program director for help in identifying an appropriate substitute course if necessary.

Public Administration

Students must first take PADM 6000 before they take any other public administration course.

School Library

Students may select either 9 or 18 credits from the following courses. Students who complete all 18 credits will not need to complete another learning block and will also be eligible to receive a Utah School Library endorsement. Students must take LM 6100 either concurrently with or before other LM courses.

Special Education

Students must first complete SPED 6100 before any other SPED course.

Systems Quality Leadership & Management

Students may not count the courses listed below for both the learning block and the Leadership Studies learning block. Contact the program director for help in identifying an appropriate substitute course, if needed.

Total Credits, M.I.S. Degree: 30


Please note that some students may ultimately earn more credits than listed above for the master’s degree. If the capstone cannot be completed within one (1) semester, students must be enrolled continuously in INDS 6901 - MIS Capstone Continuation  until completion.