May 28, 2018  
2017-2018 General Catalog 

Global Studies Minor

Global Studies is a trans-disciplinary minor that will support students in developing skill sets related to inter-cultural awareness and competence that are essential in preparing them for life and work in a fiercely globally competitive marketplace. Students will hone knowledge of emerging global processes and trends, with a view towards preparing them to work effectively across global, international, national, and regional contexts. More specifically, the Global Studies minor emphasizes skills and competencies that serve to empower traditionally disenfranchised groups, such as women, religious and ethnic minorities across socioeconomic classes. The minor requires students to apply this knowledge to address real world problems by drawing attention to the growing interdependence and interconnectedness of nations, cultures and peoples, the minor will encourage students to better reflect on their role and responsibilities as global citizens.


  • A minimum of 6 credits of the total 18 credits required must be taken as upper-division classes; 2-3 credits of this 6-credit upper-division requirement must be in the form of a Global EDGE Project (or, with permission of the department, POLS 4990 - Capstone Seminar in Political Science  may be substituted for the Global EDGE Project).
  • Students who select this minor are encouraged to contact the program faculty director, Dr. Ravi Roy, for information on how to complete the 0-credit Introduction to Global Studies Minor required orientation.

Required Courses (2 Credits)

Economic Dimension (3 Credits)

Select three (3) credits from the following:

Political Dimension (3 Credits)

Select three (3) credits from the following:

Ecological Dimension (3 Credits)

Select three (3) credits from the following:

Ideological Dimension (3 Credits)

Select three (3) credits from the following:

Total: 18 Credits