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2017-2018 General Catalog 

Sociology Major, B.S.

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The sociology program’s mission is to prepare students for life in diverse, global societies by introducing them to applied and conceptual tools that enhance critical understandings of the social world. With a curriculum rooted in the liberal arts and sciences tradition, the sociology program supports the University’s academic mission (and General Education requirements), fosters an understanding of sociological theories, principles, and methodologies, integrates service- and experiential-learning with other pedagogies, and prepares students for advanced education in addition to careers in teaching, social work, and a variety of administrative and research occupations.


  • No grade below a C- will be accepted toward the major.
  • No more than 12 lower division (1000- and 2000-level) credit hours may count toward the Sociology major.
  • Students must complete SOC 3030  before enrolling in SOC 4890 /SOC 5890 .
  • Students may receive a maximum of 9 upper division credits toward their major for SOC 4890 /SOC 5890 . Consult your advisor for further information.

General Education Requirement (32-36 Credits)

See General Education 

  • Core Course Requirements 12-13 credits
  • Knowledge Area Requirements 20-23 credits

Experiential Education University Requirement - EDGE Program (3 Credits)

NOTE: As of 7/12/2019, students pursuing this bachelor’s degree are no longer required to complete the EDGE courses for graduation.

See Experiential Education .

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree Requirement (12 Credits*)

B.S. Degree - Math or Science minimum requirement (12 credits)

* Note: Most or all of the B.S. requirements may be met by fulfilling the General Education Core and Knowledge Areas. Because of this, these credits are typically not counted in the degree total at the bottom of page. Transfer students not majoring in a math or science field may need additional math/science courses to reach the minimum 12 credits. Consult a Student Success Advisor for details.

Sociology Curriculum Summary (45 Credits)

Required Sociology Courses (18 Credits)

Select One Capstone Route

  1. Option One - Research Project 
    Students choosing the research capstone project must complete SOC 3450  before enrolling in SOC 4999 .
  2. Option Two - Service Learning Project 
    Students choosing the service learning capstone project must complete SOC 3030  or SOC 4500  before enrolling in SOC 4999 .

Sociology Electives (21 Credits)

  • 21 additional elective Sociology credit hours. 
  • 2000 or higher level Anthropology courses earned at SUU may be substituted for up to 6 Sociology elective credits.

Other Electives (34 Credits)

Free Electives 34 Credits (minimum)

  • Free Electives may be taken (to complete BA/BS requirements, recommended free electives from the Department, etc.) as required to reach 120 total credits.

Total Credits, B.S. Degree: 120

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