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    Southern Utah University
  Feb 20, 2018
2017-2018 General Catalog

Dance Performance, B.A.

Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to foster academic and artistic excellence in a nurturing and challenging educational environment. Within a liberal arts and science tradition, the dance experience at SUU engages students in a rich diversity of experiences aimed to cultivate their aesthetic, creative, and scholarly potential. Central to our purposed is superior teaching and personalized mentorship that empowers and transforms the learner to be a dynamic individual.

Intended Outcomes/Objectives for Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Science Degrees in Dance Performance

A successful student will:

  • Have a working knowledge of how principles of composition are used as tools for choreography.
  • Understand basic production processes (i.e. performing, dancing, choreographing, and sound editing).
  • Have a working knowledge of the historical development of dance as an art form.
  • Examine perspectives of critical analysis of the artistic process and aesthetics.
  • Have a working knowledge of human movement and anatomy.
  • Demonstrate advanced proficiency in modern dance or ballet and an intermediate level in modern dance or ballet.

Other Information

  • Students will complete a Capstone connected to a realized project. The Capstone consists of a written paper and an oral presentation to faculty of the concept, process and realization of the project, together with an assessment of the student’s entire learning experience and its impact on the work as a whole. Students who show areas of deficiency may pass with qualifications. In these cases an individualized learning strategy will be developed to be completed before graduation.
  • Juries will be held annually for all dance majors to assess progress and determine each student’s level of skill and competency.
  • Exit interviews will be held for all graduating students.
  • Every student is required to abide by the policies and procedures set up in the Departmental Student Handbook:
  • Every student is required to pass all classes in their major with a grade of “C” (2.0) or higher.
  • Based on placement, majors must complete a minimum of 4 semesters of Ballet and 4 semesters of Modern Dance. Majors must also obtain an advanced placement in either Ballet or Modern Dance. A total of 20 credit hours are required in Ballet and Modern Dance
  • Dance Performance majors may choose between the following options: 1) Complete an approved academic minor or 2) Complete a minimum of 19 credit hours (outside General Education) of enrichment courses outside of the DANC prefix (may include language requirements). Students should consult their faculty/academic advisors as they select their enrichment courses.
  • To qualify for technique classes that are level III or above requires a placement audition.

General Education Requirement (32-34 Credits)

See General Education .

  • Core Course Requirements 12-13 credits
  • Knowledge Area Requirements 20-21 credits (must take DANC 1010  & BIOL 1020 )

Experiential Education University Requirement - EDGE Program (3 Credits)

See Experiential Education .

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree Requirement (16 Credits**)

B.A. Degree - Foreign Language Requirement (16 credits)

** Note: One semester of a foreign language may also fulfill the General Education Humanities requirement. The 16 credits may be fulfilled by taking four semesters of a foreign language or by testing out of a language and purchasing the credits. These credits are typically counted in the degree total at the bottom of the page. Consult a Student Success Advisor for details.

Dance Curriculum Summary

Required Theory Core (27 Credits)

Required Technique Core (21 Credits)

Select Either

Choose a Minimum of One (1)

Other Electives

  • Free Electives (includes completing minor or enrichment courses) 33 credits

Total Credits, B.A. degree: 120