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2017-2018 General Catalog 

Criminal Justice, B.S.

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The Criminal Justice program provides students with extensive knowledge of the U.S. Criminal Justice System, comprised of law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Students will develop the capacity to apply law, social sciences, and sound practices as criminal justice professionals in the public and private sectors. The program also provides students a foundation upon which to pursue advanced education in the criminal justice field.

General Education Requirement (32-36 Credits)

See General Education 

  • Core Course Requirements 12-13 credits
  • Knowledge Area Requirements 20-23 credits

Experiential Education University Requirement - EDGE Program (3 Credits)

NOTE: As of 7/12/2019, students pursuing this bachelor’s degree are no longer required to complete the EDGE courses for graduation.

See Experiential Education .

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree Requirement (12 Credits*)

B.S. Degree - Math or Science minimum requirement (12 credits)

* Note: Most or all of the B.S. requirements may be met by fulfilling the General Education Core and Knowledge Areas. Because of this, these credits are typically not counted in the degree total at the bottom of page. Transfer students not majoring in a math or science field may need additional math/science courses to reach the minimum 12 credits. Consult a Student Success Advisor for details.

Criminal Justice Curriculum Summary

Core Requirements (21 credits)

Criminal Justice is a designated major. No grade below a “C-” will be accepted for credit toward the major.

CJ Electives (21 credits)

Select 21 credits, 12 of which must be upper division credit. All CJ classes not included in the core count as CJ electives. Additionally, the following cross-listed courses may be taken as CJ elective credit: POLS 3120 POLS 3510 PSY 4310 SOC 3500 SOC 3610 

All CJ majors are encouraged to complete an internship (CJ 4890 ) as part of their degree. Although as many as 12 credits can be counted toward the student’s overall degree, no more than 6 credits of internship can be counted toward the CJ major.

Other Electives

  • Free Electives may be taken (to complete BA/BS requirements, recommended free electives from the Department, etc.) as required to reach 120 total credits.

Total Credits, B.S. Degree: 120

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