Mar 03, 2021  
2018-2019 General Catalog 

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MUSC 6960 - Special Topics: Music Performance Technology

2 Credit(s)

The course is designed to help students prepare the Capstone Project, which is the culminating experience of the major. Topics include research, development, implementation and completion of the Capstone Project. This project should show synthesis of skills learned in the program, as well as application to the student’s artistic/professional experience and ambitions in the music industry. This course is to be taken in the final semester prior to graduation and is open by permission of the instructor only. The course culminates in completed Capstone Project that can be presented to the graduate committee. The final presentation of the Capstone Project takes place in MUSC 6970  Presentation, for which students should be concurrently enrolled. (As Needed) [Graded]

Co-requisite(s): MUSC 6970  

Repeatable? Yes - Total Credits: 4

Registration Restriction(s): Music Technology majors only

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