Jul 05, 2020  
2018-2019 General Catalog 

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GEO 3120 - Tectonics

3 Credit(s)

A global study of plate tectonics as a unifying solid-earth theory emphasizing the definition of plate boundaries, motions, and driving forces and the analysis of ancient and current plate motions. A minimum grade of “C” (2.0 or above) must be earned in this course before it can be counted in a physical science major or minor or as a prerequisite for any other course. (Fall - Odd Years) [Graded]

Prerequisite(s): (GEO 1010  and GEO 1015 ) or (GEO 1020  and GEO 1025 ) or (GEO 1030  and GEO 1035 ) or (GEO 1050  and GEO 1055 ) or (GEO 1090  and GEO 1095 ) or (GEO 1110  and GEO 1115 ) or (GEO 2210  and GEO 2215 ) - Prerequisite Min. Grade: C
Registration Restriction(s): Geology majors only

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