Apr 11, 2021  
2018-2019 General Catalog 

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UNIV 1030 - Governors Honors Academy

6 Credit(s)

The academy is a ten-day program designed for Utah’s most gifted high-school leaders and scholars entering grade 12. The objective of the program is to cultivate the brightest of Utah’s high school students in high quality leadership, personal achievement, academics, and community service. The program provides students with a stimulating curriculum of study with subjects ranging from science to Shakespeare and from creativity to leadership. These, and other subjects, are discussed by a dynamic Academy Faculty and many distinguished lecturers with corporate, government, media, and other professional backgrounds. Students attending the Governor’s Honors Academy will obtain a broader vision of personal potential for leadership, develop a keener ability to create and implement new ideas, learn fresh approaches and new skills in group dynamics, acquire an increased awareness of personal goals and objectives, and achieve a collegiate orientation to develop their future. For information, visit the GHA website at www.suu.edu/gha, email gha@suu.edu, or call the director of the Governor’s Honors Academy at (435) 865-8219. (Summer) [Pass/Fail]

Registration Restriction(s): English as a Second Language majors may not enroll

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