Jul 24, 2021  
2017-2018 General Catalog 

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MATH 1040 - Statistics

4 Credit(s)

An introduction to the basic concepts and methods of statistical data analysis.  Students will summarize and interpret data, evaluate important assumptions and draw appropriate conclusions based on sample data sets from a variety of disciplines.  Topics include descriptive statistics, statistical graphs, probability, discrete and continuous probability distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests with one and two samples, correlation and regression, chi-square tests and one-way ANOVA. Cannot receive credit for both Math 1040 and MATH 2040. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

Prerequisite: One of the following within the last two years: C or better in MATH 1010 ; B- or better in MATH 0970  or MATH 0990 ; Math ACT of at least 21; adequate math placement score.
General Education Course: Quantitative Literacy Requirement

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