May 21, 2024  
2012-2013 General Catalog 

Letter from the President

Dear Students, all Thunderbirds and Friends of the University:

Education truly is the portal to a better life. I believe that higher education is the smartest investment anyone can make in his or her future. The four years or more that you will dedicate here will hugely affect the rest of your life—economically, entrepreneurially, technologically, socially and personally. Overall, it will be the greatest determinate of your quality of life.

Study after study reveals that the one great leveling influence to determine the ability to succeed in life is the level of education to which one attains. The formula is simple - invest more in acquiring as much knowledge and skill as possible, and success will invariably follow. Recent data reveal that quality of life is directly proportional to the amount of education one receives and further translates into better health, increased earning potential and more desire to participate civically and to give back to one’s community.

I regard students as the heart of this campus, and it is my job to support you with the resources you need to succeed. I am incredibly fortunate to work with superb faculty and staff who are committed to helping you succeed during your time on campus.  There is nothing more exciting than to be on a university campus, surrounded by people who are engaged in expanding and disseminating knowledge for the betterment of themselves and others.

The founding of SUU is unique in all the annals of higher education. I encourage you to become familiar with that story. Understanding the sacrifices of others in establishing this institution will give you a greater appreciation for the heritage, vision and  sacrifice of the founders and pioneers of this community. It will make you even more proud to be part of the Thunderbird family.

I appreciate the work of those over the last 113 years which has made SUU such a wonderful place. I am privileged to join those who have given so much to SUU and pledge to never forget its legacy while ensuring its future. As a campus community, we  will ask more of ourselves and not accept mediocrity, so that we might help you succeed here and to fulfill your dreams and goals. I guarantee results as we work together to move SUU forward.

As a native Utahn, I’ve always loved the campus of SUU. Moreover, I really think I have the best job in America. And, right now, you do too – as a student at Southern Utah University. Michael T. Benson, President Southern Utah University.

Michael T. Benson, President
Southern Utah University