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Southern Utah University
    Southern Utah University
  Dec 16, 2017

Philosophy Minor


18 credits, at least 12 credits upper division. At least one course from each of the following four categories: Logic, Values, Metaphysics/Epistemology, and History of Philosophy.

Category I: Logic (at least 3 Credits)

Category II: Values (at least 3 Credits)

Category III: Metaphysics/Epistemology (at least 3 Credits)

Category IV: History of Philosophy (at least 3 Credits)

Minimum Total Credits: 18


The Baccalaureate Minor in Philosophy requires 18 credits that fulfill the following:

  1. One course from each of the following four categories: Logic – PHIL 1250 , Values – PHIL 3011  or PHIL 3500 , Metaphysics and Epistemology – PHIL 3300  or PHIL 3400 , History of Philosophy – PHIL 4110  or PHIL 4120 .
  2. The cumulative GPA must be at least 2.50. Only letter grades shall count toward the minor. Only grades of “C-” or better shall count for the minor.
  3. No more than 12 credits may transfer, as approved by the chair, for the minor.
  4. At least 12 credits of upper-division coursework in Philosophy.