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Southern Utah University
    Southern Utah University
  Nov 22, 2017
2017-2018 General Catalog

Aviation, A.A.S.

Southern Utah University offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Aviation with three specializations: Rotor-Wing (helicopter) Pilot, Fixed Wing (airplane) Pilot, and Unmanned Aircraft Operator. These specialized tracks share a common core of general education courses. The two Pilot specializations share a common core of general aviation courses. The Unmanned Aircraft Operator specialization allows many of the same general aviation courses but it has its own list of core courses which are required. Specialized flight labs for the two Pilot specializations involve simulators and various aircraft which are housed at the Cedar City Airport. Unmanned Aircraft Operator flight labs include flying a simulator and a variety of unmanned aircraft systems at various locations both on campus and off campus. For further information, please visit


*Courses marked with an asterisk can be applied to either the Fixed-Wing Pilot or Rotor-Wing Pilot specializations.  

General Education (20-22 Credits)

Required Aviation Core for both Pilot Specializations (26-28 credits)

Rotor-Wing Pilot Specialization

Fixed-Wing Pilot Specialization

Unmanned Aircraft Operator Specialization