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Southern Utah University
    Southern Utah University
  Nov 17, 2017
2017-2018 General Catalog

Communication - Strategic Communication Emphasis, B.A.

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General Education Requirement (33-35 Credits)

See General Education .

  • Core Course Requirements 13 credits (must take ENGL 2010  & MATH 1040 )
  • Knowledge Area Requirements 20-22 credits (must take COMM 1010  for Humanities Knowledge Area)

Experiential Education University Requirement - EDGE Program (3 Credits)

See Experiential Education .

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree Requirement (16 Credits)

B.A. Degree - Foreign Language Requirement (16 credits)

Note: One semester of a foreign language may also fulfill the General Education Humanities requirement. The 16 credits may be fulfilled by taking four semesters of a foreign language or by testing out of a language and purchasing the credits. See an advisor for details.

Strategic Communication Curriculum Summary (42 Credits)

Core Menu (9 Credits)

Strategic Communication Recommended Elective Courses (9 Credits)

Select from the following courses or any other approved communication courses:

Free Electives

  • Free Electives (includes completing B.A./B.S. requirements) to complete 120 credit degree.

Total Credits, B.A. Degree: 120

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